Saturday 16/01/99 - Today we used three buses to transport passengers of a steam railtour to Barrow Hill Roundhouse from Chesterfield Station. Vehicles in use were our own 123 along with TM Travels former Chesterfield Fleetline UWA 159S and Bristol VRT JWV 255W. At 14:15 all three buses left Chesterfield Station to Barrow Hill. 123 returned to Chesterfield at 15:11 with those passengers who wanted to visit the town centre for food and drink and also the model rail show at the Winding Wheel. We returned straight to Barrow Hill before 123 and 159 left to return the passengers to the railway station at 16:22. JWV remained at Barrow Hill a little longer to pick up anyone who had been left behind - in the event only one person who had over 70 seats all to himself!

Saturday 13/02/99 - 123 was used today to return a set of wheels to Maun International at Mansfield that we had in our possession.

Sunday 14/02/99 - We borrowed TM Travels only Atlantean today for a farewell tour before withdrawal. CRN 124S was new to Preston before passing to Sheffield Omnibus where it operated for a number of years. It then passed into preservation before being acquired by TM Travel. We took the bus into Chesterfield via. the 513 school route which was its usual run before heading to Low Edges in Sheffield where CRN could regularly be seen whilst operating in Sheffield. The entire route 76 was then covered to Ecclesfield to the north of Sheffield where we visited CRN's home depot whilst with Sheffield Omnibus. We took the direct route to Meadowhall Bus Station before following route 20 to Jordanthorpe. The return journey to Chesterfield was via. Apperknowle and the old Sheffield Omnibus Chesterfield depot at Whitting Valley Road. We then visited the yard where our own 124 was kept at the time to take photos of both 124's together before returning to TM Travel. CRN last worked on Thursday 25th February when the afternoon service 422 from Tibshelf School to Westhouses was operated. The photo shows CRN just outside Westhouses after dropping off her last passenger.

Thursday 25/02/99 - 123 was taken on a short run to visit our spare parts store.

Saturday 27/02/99 - An evening visit to the "Anchor Inn" at Tideswell on board 123. Much good food and beer were enjoyed by all.

Sunday 28/02/99 - The local bus society Transpire today organised a visit to TM Travel. Passengers were picked up from Chesterfield Town Hall by ex. Chesterfield Panther ENU 93H. After visiting the yard the party were taken for a short run on 123 before transferring to ex. Chesterfield Fleetline UWA 154S to Brampton Terminus and Whittington Moor. A visit followed to 124 so the party could see work being undertaken.

Friday 26/03/99 - 124 was taken to Doncaster for the MOT test this morning and passed. On return from the testing station 124 moved into TM Travels yard with 123.

Saturday 10/04/99 - In connection with an open weekend at Barrow Hill Roundhouse, 124 was taken to the museum and displayed for the day.

Sunday 11/04/99 - The second day of the open weekend and both 123 and 124 were taken to Barrow Hill for the day.

Sunday 25/04/99 - 123 visited the PMT rally at Newcastle-Under-Lyme where it was used on the free services to Darlaston and Audley. We left Newcastle at 17:04 via. Leek and Buxton before calling at the "Bull I'th Thorn" for refreshments. Our journey continued via. Monyash, Bakewell and Baslow. The photograph shows 123 at Newcastle bus station with preserved "Mancunian" Fleetline RNA 236J.

Saturday 08/05/99 - A birthday celebration this evening and 123 was taken to the village of Pomeroy near Buxton to the "Duke of York" pub where we had a wonderful meal.

Sunday 23/05/99 - TM Travels ex. Chesterfield Fleetline UWA 159S was hired for the day to attend the Leicester Mercury's rally at Abbey Park in Leicester. On the way home we called at the "Clock Warehouse" at Shardlow for refreshments.

Saturday 05/06/99 - 124 was used for the short journey to Johnsons of Hodthorpe who were holding a Bristol VR running day. It can be seen in the background of the photograph of three of Johnsons VR's.

Sunday 20/06/99 - 123 was used for a trip to Newark to celebrate the 13th birthday of the daughter of one of the group members. Upon arrival in Newark the party transferred to a waiting boat for a trip down the River Trent.

Saturday 17/07/99 - We hired TM Travels ex. Clydeside Fleetline WDS 112V (formerly registered HSD 73V) to pick up the Kinder Childrens Choir of the High Peak from Hayfield. They were taken to Bolsover Castle before we headed for Chesterfield Railway Station to pick up members of the London Symphony Orchestra who were also taken to Bolsover Castle. This was in connection with an outdoor concert performed by the L.S.O. at the castle. This was a very busy day for us as we were also providing a free bus service for the Barrow Hill Roundhouse from Chesterfield Railway Station to the gates of the centre in Barrow Hill. Both 123 and TM Travels ex. Chesterfield Fleetline UWA 154S were used on the service. The day ended with a run back to Hayfield with the childrens choir using TM's Leyland Tiger J46 SNY.

Sunday 18/07/99 - From experience of the previous day we had now realised that the Barrow Hill free service could be run with just one bus which today was TM's UWA 154S.

Saturday and Sunday 24 and 25/07/99 - The second and final weekend of the Barrow Hill free service with 123 in use on both days running on an hourly frequency.

Saturday 24/07/99 - The ex. Chesterfield Crossley bodied PS1, JRA 635, made a return visit to its home town today. 123, JRA 635 and TM's UWA 154S which had been hired by the local bus society Transpire, were driven around Chesterfield Town Centre and then on to TM Travels yard at Staveley for photographs with ex. Chesterfield Panther ENU 93H which was unfortunately off the road due to a brick being thrown through its back window. Everyone participating in the event had chance to ride on the PS1 during the evening. The photograph shows from left to right JRA 635, ENU 93H, 123, 124 and UWA 154S.

Tuesday 27/07/99 - In connection with a visit to Stagecoach East Midland Chesterfield depot by the local bus society Transpire, we took both 123 and 124 along with both of TM's ex. Chesterfield Fleetlines UWA 154/9S to Stonegravels Depot. The main purpose of the evening for us was the chance to photograph Chesterfield Fleetlines in four different liveries as seen in the picture above. From left to right are 123, 124, 154, 150 and 159. There was then a chance to travel on vehicles of interest from the fleet (some sad people seemed to think that included Darts and B10's!!!). Both UWA 150S and former Busways Alexander bodied Fleetline OCU 819R were used during the evening.

Sunday 08/07/99 - 123 was taken to the Heritage Centre at Ruddington near Nottingham for their annual rally. A half-hourly service into Nottingham was provided by Nottingham City Transport Atlanteans RTV 444X and ARC 666T.

Saturday 28/08/99 - After spending the day on local Chesterfield route 39, Stagecoach allowed our group member Steve Crossland to take Fleetline UWA 150S out on the evening Peak District service 272 from Sheffield to Castleton.

Sunday 29/08/99 - Group member and Stagecoach employee Andy Bagshaw borrowed UWA 150S for the day and it was driven to Crich Tramway Museum for the annual rally.

Monday 30/08/99 - What for us is the ultimate rally of the season - the rear engine rally at Wythall near Birmingham. Our journey down was via. the A38 and Birmingham City Centre. An interesting selection of buses were in use on the service which this year ran from the museum at Wythall to the rally site at the Brittanic Assurance Car Park. A service to Bimingham was provided by North Birmingham Busways immaculately turned out Atlanteans. Our return journey was via. Ashbourne where we paused for refreshments (a pub of course!) before continuing via. Matlock.

Sunday 05/09/99 - Heaton Park, Manchester. Due to heavy traffic attending an event at Chatsworth we were forced to take an alternative route which delayed us by an hour or more. Upon arrival at the Manchester Museum of Transport we found everyone else long gone - everyone that is apart from the 388 Group who's Ailsa had let them down. We offered to give them a lift to the park and they offered to direct us as they supposedly knew the way. We ended up going right round the park in a big circle and down a farm track! We did eventually land in the park where the weather was glorious. Determined to miss the Chatsworth traffic on the return journey, we made our way via. the A57 Snake Pass, calling on the way at the "Snake Inn".

Sunday 12/09/99 - Our local rally at Meadowhall Coach Park, Sheffield. We took along TM Travel's freshly painted "Unibus" Bristol VRT URP 943W, TM liveried VR APT 816W, TM's ex. Chesterfield Fleetline UWA 159S and 123. A successful day for us as 123 won a trophy for the best vehicle in its class.

Saturday 25/09/99 - A birthday pub outing this evening to Worksop using 123.

Saturday 30/10/99 - We borrowed TM Travel's ex. Chesterfield Fleetline UWA 159S to provide transport for the firework display at Bolsover Castle.

Sunday 31/10/99 - 123 attended the Nocturnal Heart of the Pennines, Piece Hall, Halifax. Other visiting buses of interest were Teeside Fleetline JDC 544L, Lothian Atlantean WFS 300K and Devon General Atlantean NDV 537G.

Sunday 07/11/99 - We hired TM Travels Leyland Tiger J46 SNY for a public trip to Blackpool Illuminations. The coach was parked at the Pleasure Beach all day from where we departed at 17:00 for the journey to Bispham and the start of the Illuminations Tour. Traffic was not heavy and we had passed through the lights within 55 minutes.

Saturday 11/12/99 - We hired TM Travels Leyland Leopard PWK 2W for a public trip to York for Christmas Shopping. Despite wet weather all aboard thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Sunday 18/12/99 - Our annual Christmas bash and for the first time this year we were able to use 124 as well as 123. Both buses ran around together for the majority of the day and we visited Holymoorside, Brampton Terminus, New Whittington, Grangewood and Dronfield Woodhouse before heading for the "Yellow Lion" at Apperknowle for Christmas dinner. The chance was then taken to take both buses into the town centre and pose them for photographs under the Christmas lights.


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